WTH: Why does the "Adjust a statistic" Popup does not reliably work?

I’ve noticed different behaves of the Popup window to adjust statistics…

  1. You can’t select a date:
    → Sometimes, the popup does not allow to change a date.
    In this case, I have to close the window, and open the statistics graph - or do something else, and then - try it again. Then (sometimes) it does accept my date change.
    → This could probably be more a bug than a WTH…

  2. Why does the Popup close, when I changed a statistic?
    → it happened, that I had to change multiple wrong readings.
    But the popup is closing after changing one value.
    Then, I have to open the popup again, select the date (if not 1 happens) - and change the next entry.
    And if I have to change more, everything again… (and again)…

So, it would be great, if the popup could stay open, until I close it with a “close” button.

I think that your 2nd point “isn’t a bug, it’s a feature” - but yeah, frustrating as… insert favourite curse-word

I think we should make some big one topic with all fixes/enhancements maybe and vote the hell out of it, just to be seen. I’ve wrote my little list of “important” changes here, as it looked as having most of the votes