WTH: Why doesn't "Device Info" show network info?

Device Info screen (http://IP:8123/config/devices/device/) should show the IP and MAC address of the device in question.

I’m guessing it’s on a per-integration basis, but all integrations should be requested to do it.
Even “visit device” doesn’t necessarily cover it… in this case, that takes you to the cloud login for Doorbird, so I still can’t confirm the IP or MAC:

Agree. There has been a long ADR discussion on it but no conclusion yet as far as I have seen

Mac address could already be shown, that data is available (if provided) in the device info kept in the backend.

IP address is not part of device info. Device info is considered pretty much static, an IP address isn’t that :slight_smile: Integrations can provide a sensor for the IP address.

That said, we recently had discussions on possible solutions to provide more static device information (for example, a serial number) and also dynamic device information (like IP, hostname) without the use of entities. This needs some more discussion and tech designs at this point.



For dynamic info maybe “Integration Info” card?

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I hesitate to ask for it to be a requirement for integrations that it applies to, but at least could it be a standard request for integrations, made part of a default integration template, included in integration documentation, and/or checklists, etc, etc?

Not all integrations need IP. I agree that there is not a good practice for that right now. I don;t know any that show IP under device, some just create “visit” link where you can see it in the URL. Some devices add IP sensor under diagnostics but it could be “disabled” by default (Tasmota, ESPHome) and you still have to enable them manually to get this information

As a developer, I want to add arbitrary information to devices. In the case of a 3D printer without a configuration page, the wifi network will be static. The IP address may be static.

Regardless, IP address has to be tracked by the integration and is useful to the end user. The device information need not be static, it can be generated in real time upon request.

The IP address and wifi network are totally unrelated to any of the sensors and do not belong there. The information belongs on the main Device page, and nowhere else.

This information is about as critical and may be as dynamic as ZigBee or zwave addresses. However, without being ZigBee or zwave, there’s no way to get this information onto the device page.

I want IP on the device page so I can find my stupid device amongst the 100 other devices on my network without having to go to my firewalls DHCP Lease page. There’s no good reason to prevent it.

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