WTH: Why don't sensors show logbook in dialog?

No Logbook:



They definitely do. Are you sure you’re not excluding them from recorder? Logbook will only show items that are available in logbook & recorder. Secondly, the logbook sections will only show logbook entries in the selected range. If there’s no entries in the range, it will show “No logbook events found.”, which is true because the state didn’t change in that time.

The examples above all have entries in the logbook (except for the battery as it hasn’t changed state in a while) - but the dialog does not show logbook.
It appears the a binary sensor shows logbook (see battery), but the non binary states do not (see Weather Condition). There are other examples “like” Weather Condition - essentially ANY non numeric state will look like the Weather Condition dialog.

I’m trying to get clarification out of you. You’re assumption that ‘non-numeric’ states don’t have logbook is just not correct. Something else is driving that, like the domain. Weather Condition, what type of entity is that? If it’s in the sensor domain, then yes, logbook does not appear for that. However for the climate domain, which the main state is non-numeric, does have a log book in that area.

Also, just to clarify, numeric sensors in the sensor domain do not show a log book either.

Even though difficult to give a clear opinion, this is an interesting WTH.

sensors can have infinite states e.g. if you think of a temperature sensor. Showing the logbook for every tiny value change alongside the graph shown would be overkill. Your weather condition “cloudy” is very similar, as hundreds of values are possible, even though that is not the case for “weather condition”, which is a slowly changing information.

Overall, I agree that a logbook for sensors could be useful for some use cases. For quickly changing entities this might not be true, but would also not hurt. I wonder if there is any reason to NOT show a logbook for every type of entity. This would certainly be a good step in terms of consistency and user experience.

Btw. Please update your WTH title, as already pointed out by petro, it’s misleading

I’m not sure. I just know those more-info pages are domain driven. I think the main reason it was hidden is because the history shows you that information for sensors. But you have to click each item, which is a pain in the ass.

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Petro: True - it looks like all sensors (numeric or not) do not have the logbook dialog. The Weather Condition is sensor domain while the battery is in binary_sensor domain.

I guess the question is: Why is “binary_sensor." different from "sensor.” WTH :slight_smile:

Add to that binary sensors have at least four possible states. on, off, unavailable, unknown, … But who’s counting :crazy_face:

Looking at this a bit further - Fans, covers, people have a history tab AND info tab, while sensors only have an info tab that shows history (and logbook if it’s binary). Maybe they should have the same tab layout

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It was done on purpose to prevent flooding of the logbook with sensor entity state changes.


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It makes sense with UOM set that it’s not “normally” logged, but it’s not showing in the dialog when UOM is not set (as I originally had posted: “Non numeric do not have logbook in dialog” - these sensors DO have logbook entries but the info is not present in the dialog.

Additionally, maybe the tabs should be harmonized across domains with History tab being added for sensors as well.

Is there a workaround for this on a per sensor bases?

The entities I’ve been looking at have logbook entries, it’s just not showing the logbook in the entity dialog. I was hoping either to get the log book in the dialog as is, or add the history tab to state sensors.
I suppose you could over ride the UOM on the entity if it actually works as described.

Probably should have consistent tabs in the dialogs (info/history/settings/related)

I’m seeing the same for some sensors, but others have no logbook entries what so ever, hence my question in my previous post.

How or where is this done?, as I would really like to have log book entries for power outlet consumption sensor.

That type of sensor is why they blocked it from log book entries - your consumption sensor should end up in the long term statistics.

Any news on how to show entity log history?

It’s in the more-info page for every entity.

The entities in question do not have the info icon.

All entities have a more-info page.

If you’re looking at the entity in a pop-up, that’s the more info page.

The images in the OP clearly show the problem. No logbook just a very un user friendly bar graph for whatever ridiculous reason.