WTH, why is not possible to use Hue Scenes templates in ZHA

Why is it not possible to transfer the Hue scenes of the Hue Bridge at least to some extent to automatically? It would at least make it easier for me to switch to ZHA with Hue without a bridge, because when you’re a family man, time is a precious commodity.

FYI, for reference, someone else also asked/discuss the same here → Migration from Hue to ZHA

As far as I know there is no migration path to migrate existing Hue scenes to Home Assistant’s own scenes. And do note that Home Assistant’s “scenes” are not directly related to ZHA as Home Assistant’s “scenes” can be used with any type of devices and are not specific to ZHA or Zigbee.

As such you can use Hue devices in ZHA just like you can use any Zigbee devices with it, but ZHA does not integrate with Hue ecosystem in any way and those Hue scenes only exist in Hue ecosystem. So I think that you have to replicate those scenes from scratch with Home Assistant’s own scenes and automations.

Hue scenes are part of the Hue ecosystem . As @Hedda said, you cannot use Hue scenes in ZHA or any other platform except Hue. They are Hue specific.
You must use the Hue Bridge to use Hue Scenes. Home Assistant can call them from the bridge. There is nothing stopping you temporarily setting up lights in Hue, calling the Hue scene, then creating a Home Assistant Scene that is identical with the Scene Editor. You just have to make sure you create it with entities then name the light entities identically when you transfer the lights back to ZHA.