WTH why is solar self consumption savings not an recorded value

There are entities tracking the energy cost, grid production and grid consumption as well as the total solar produced.
This enables the dashboard to figure out what amount of the total consumed energy for a given hour was self-consumed.
Why can’t the self-consumption (via opt-in configuration) be linked to one of the grid cost providing (or optional other) entities and shown in the cost breakdown structure.
This would enable users to get an even better insight into the savings of their solar array.
Since one self-consumed KWH equates to one less grid consumed KWH.

the method is simple:

for each imported kwh you can set a price that you have to pay.
for each exported kwh you can set a price that you will earn.

in total, the energy cost table is a calculation between your grid-import and your grid-export - which gives you the information about your ‘cashflow’…

The Topic with the costs / savings for self used energy is a bit difficult, because it mostly rely on factors where you live and how certain rules will be applied.

For example: Right now I have to pay taxes on each self-consumed kwh.
Also, I do have the investment costs of the installation, which I need to add to my calculation.

If I do have a battery, then I’ll need to add the investment into the battery into the calculation - which will cause another price for the kwh loaded from the battery.

All that will make it really difficult to setup in the energy dashboard…
I would therefore recommend to do a calculation by your own - to get your current price per kwh → create a sensor with price-value and then just create a template sensor which will multiply the self consumed energy with your price sensor.

This can also be done as a utility meter for getting hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly informations.

I’m with @sfstar though. In the Energy dashboard, for each “feed” it can track a cost associated, surely it would have been relatively easy to allow the same process on the Solar “feed”?

I accept your comments about different rules for different locations, but this omissions doesn’t allow even the basic calculation to be made.

In my location I actually get a payment for what I generate, rather than what I export, so it would have been perfect to see the money I would be receiving for that offset against the money I’ll be paying for imports.