WTH Why is the raspberry Pi 4 bluetooth integration not seeing any bluetooth devices

There is a funny thing, the Bluetooth integration of the raspi pi 4 is running has a MAC address assigned there is so much talk about, how great the new update Bluetooth is even with esp32 beaken.
But why is there no support for the inbuilt pi Bluetooth so that works in the first place and does not need a dongle inserted, WTH

Strange because for me, it’s working and HA discover BT devices that are at 5meters from the Pi4

That is strange indeed, as said it is working I guess it has been detected has a MAC address but it does not detect anything! Lucky yours works :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem.

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I have installed, removed, installed, redone the entire hassos, still no BT. :cry:

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I have now the newest 10.2 version installed and well, it still is not functioning, I see the Bluetooth adapter of my raspi 4 installed, with address, so it has been recognized, it should work, I have multiple Bluetooth devices in the house like so many, YET… none will be seen by the Bluetooth of HA, why is that?!

New release did not solve that.

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Same here. I see Bluetooth Beacons from the companion app close to a ESP, but the raspberry pi does not report any devices

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I have a vague suspicion that the BT/BLE feature is not what I was expecting.

It seems to expose the BT/BLE radio to potential integration/add-on; not that it provides some existing BT/BLE connectivity.

I am writing this because under Integrations I suddenly have iBeacon Tracker.

So to see anything BT/BLE, an integration or add-on has to be using BT/BLE.

Just guessing… Please correct me if I am wrong.

Strange thing is that “Zigomatic” seems to have the functionality we expect even without a Bluetoooth dongle but with the inbuilt Bluetooth.
But you might be right John, about it maybe something else then what we did expect?!?

When I did dive into this I read DBUS things, but my Bluetooth does not run in a docker but on a Pi
I read installing BlueZ…
Installing dbus-brokers

I am not even sure if it is needed for a Raspberry or for so many upscaled backbones running bluetooth, it scares me too, for it is so easy to wreck your installation, and never being able to correct the faults.
So it means as long as there is no super coder who takes up the glove to code it for the Raspberry, then I think it is not for many here, and the highly acclaimed bluetooth integration is for raspberry users an empty shell.

I use integration bluetooth for the Raspi4. I think without installing this, it’s not working.
Then I got passive and active BT devices near the Raspi4. Passive is a humidity/temp in another room next to the raspi4. For the active device,(bled) this is needed to be less than 3meters.

the bluetooth: integration is required in configuration.yaml for all hardware. Without adding it to configuration.yaml, bluetooth will not work.

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My configuration yaml don’t have bluetooth and it’s working.
may be it’s in default_config ?

It’s in default_config


Adding the word “bluetooth” into configuration.yaml did not do anything. There is still a Bluetooth integration with an address in integrations, but still not a single bluetooth device from within the house is registered, or found.

Not everything is discoverable, it depends on the integration. You might have to manually configure devices through the integration menu or yaml.

I also have a the bluetooth: in configuration.yaml, yet nothing is discovered.
Is there a documentaiton to explain how the manual discovery works?
There are no information in the documentation regarding this or in the Integration itself.

I do appreciate the detail son getting the BT radio working. Way more than usual documentation details.

It’s not manual discovery, you search the integrations for your Bluetooth device and add it.

Just like adding any other integration.

Got it. So, as you describe it and I thought the Bluetooth integration does nothing by itself. An other integration must take advantage of the Bluetooth integration.

This is not what the documentation implies. The documentation starts with:

The Bluetooth integration will detect nearby Bluetooth devices. Discovered devices will show up in the discovered section on the integrations page in the configuration panel.

Does the Integration automatically gets added when a new BT/BLE device is detected and matches a specific Integration? Or, do I have to add the matching integration manually?

If you have discovery off, you won’t discover anything. Discovery is an integration, enabled by default. Lets tally the integrations…

bluetooth: - enables bluetootth
discovery: - enables discovery for integrations that opt into discovery

Now lets look at an example integration: ibeacon. The ibeacon integration uses bluetooth to commuicate with ibeacon devices. That means, the ibeacon integration uses the bluetooth integration. And for things to automatically appear without manual device creation, it uses the discovery integration.


If the integration doesn’t support discovery, then you have to manually add it by searching for the integration.

Sometimes integrations support discovery, but doesn’t discover your device. In that instance you have to manually add the device.

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This has been the most succinct, well written answer to my questions. Thank you.

It is unfortunate that the documentation is contradicting what you are writing, but still this is a win for me!

Thank you, again!