WTH Why is there no on-the-fly input selector card?

I am not sure how to describe it better, but here it goes:

Most graphs don’t allow proper panning and scrolling (especially not on mobile devices).
So I am using input_select to define hours_to_show intervalls.
Why is there not a card where you can simply type in a number? Why do you have to create an input select first whoch then needs to be edited via UI or VSC?

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Like input_number?

Do I understand you right that you have input_select where you can choose between something like 24h, 48h, 7d etc and then you have conditional card for every duration and choose the right one to show? If yes then it looks quite clever hack but of course tedious to set up.

And instead of having to have to create the list of numbers, simply have a card where you can enter a value on the fly.

You can do this with input_number entities.

If you want to be able to zoom history graphs in/out you should vote here, so you don’t need to build the functionality yourself.

I am using this mainly for Apexcharts. History is not as customizable.

Do input numbers not also require me to define the numbers or at least the range in a helper first?
I am looking for a plain input field. “Enter value here” kind of deal.
Click the field, keyboard pops up, I enter the value.

Ideally supporting also selection of unit :slight_smile:

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Last I checked nothing was required, but it’d be good to set a min of 0 so apexcharts doesn’t blow up.

This is where you’d need the input_select to select hours/days/weeks/months/etc.

From what I see Input Number - Home Assistant you need to define min and max.
So of course you could define some really high number, but a blank field which needs no helpers would be far more convenient.
Especially since you could pass “1 d” and “1 h” using the same field without defining anything.

Input_select is not so useful because you have to predefine every single interval in every unit.

I get what you’re saying, so maybe input_text would work?
It sounds exactly what you’re looking for you can input 1d or 1h etc…