WTH can't I zoom in or out on history graphs

When I have for example a 6hr time frame set in “hours to show” in the history graph card, it would sometimes come in handy to zoom in and out on that time window by just using your mouse scroll wheel.

…and a pinch to zoom on mobile would also be good


You have my vote. Openhab and co. have this feature already. Manual selection is no more touch of the art…

YES! This is something which always annoyed me. Looking at a graph, it’s very common to want to expand or zoom in on the time range.

I’d say this should be available for any graph, not just history graphs.

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This custom card is an excellent replacement for the built in history graphs and has this functionality.


The History Graph card could really use some improvements

  1. Clicking (double clicking) should give a zoomed pop up similar to other cards.
  2. There should be a way to click one of the entities in graph and get to the entity graph pop up functionality that you can get from the sensor card, or from clicking an individual entity in the Entities card. The entity pop up gives you access to Show more, etc. I shouldn’t have to show an entity in another card just so I can click on it to get more information than what is available in the history graph.
  3. Some way to adjust the time frame in the pop up would be great.
  4. The option for Bar charts would be great.

@jazzyisj thanks for that, I’ll take a look at it, but that brings to another WTH – WTH Do we need to have so many custom cards? Why don’t any of these custom cards get promoted to become part of Home Assistant?


That is worth a separate WTH! Post the url back and you’ve got my vote.

Graphs needs more love from developers definitely! Zooming, colors chooser, axis customization, etc.


I share the concerns about custom cards. I have enough to do to keep on top of breaking changes and flat-out bugs in the HA core and all the integrations I use. Custom cards, however useful, would add to the workload (and risk) with each update.

I’d vote for a WTH about improving the existing cards rather than steering users to custom cards.

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But I like my custom history card :frowning:

Joking aside, there’s not much that can break in that specific card in terms of HA updates, as I kept the coupling very loose on purpose (specifically to avoid the thing breaking on updates, I rely on that card myself). But yeah I agree, if these fundamental features would be in core (and they should have been from the start), I wouldn’t have developed that card to begin with.

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If the process wasn’t too onerous, would you contribute your custom card to be part of the core lovelace cards?

I guess why not, mostly depends on how involved and time consuming that process would be.

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History Explorer card looks great – can’t wait to start using it. There’s a lot in the README. Looks like there are many things it can do that I would have expected to have to use something external like Grafana.

Bar graphs for total increasing entities is one of those things that has been bugging me in Home Assistant. I’ve been using RRDtool for many many years where things like that are relatively easy.

Thanks for developing it!

Love to see more interactive graphs within HA, now I have to use Grafana for more detailed and accessible view.

Would also love to have a move-time and zoom-in feature within the charts!