WTH why is there no user management for dashboards/sidebar panels

I know that there is a “user management” for the dashboard views, but there seems to be none for the dashboards and sidebar panels.

Also, the Energy dashboard cannot be hidden by user in general.

I’d love to have a guest account, which has an own dashboard and for which an admin can control, which sidebar panels and dashboards can be viewed.

Many thanks!

I support this. I open an (almost) identical WTH described as:

As admin of HA, I can create X different dashboards. I would like to have a way to map user A to dashboard a, B to b… Kind of a login page. And user A wouldn’t be able to go to b and vice-versa. All the available solutions (see [Per user lovelace dashboard, how?](https://community.home-assistant.io/t/per-user-lovelace-dashboard-how/323714)) for me are unideal ways to accommodate that missing (at least for me) feature.

This other WTH has been rightfully closed by an admin.