WTH - Why isn't swiping between views natively supported?

This functionality exists as a frontend addition in HACS:

For better or worse, most people want to control their home automation systems via their phone. A built in function to swipe left and right to access additional views should be high on the list. Adding this would aid adoption by more mainstream users.

In the spirit of WTH… this request was for a native feature not an add-on.

Good one. Was just wondering if this was already posted in the WTH section, and saw three WTHs posted (two are locked and this is the main one now). Didn’t know about the HACS frontend extension, nice.

This gif animation is from the Readme of lovelace-swipe-navigation for illustration.


In the meantime, this is the link to the new and actively maintained repository GitHub - zanna-37/hass-swipe-navigation: ↔️ Swipe through Home Assistant Dashboard views on mobile..