WTH why isn't there an option to update entity directly from the more info panel?

Why do I have to back all the way out of the more info view, open developer tools, switch to services, type in update-entity, and then select the entity I was just looking at? Would be so nice to just have a button on the more info page to directly call the service on the current entity.

This would be great! I don’t manually update entities all that often but I do go to dev tools a lot to see the full state of an entity (including attributes) a lot. Would be great if that info was just in the more-info popup instead of hidden away in Dev tools.

I really want to see a master view for all interaction with an entity. I think either the more-info popup should be that view or at least link directly to it (modal may not have enough space). I also suggested adding other things to that panel as well for that reason. It’s very annoying to have to dig through task-oriented menus, each of which shows every entity that task is valid for. Would be much easier to have entity oriented UI that shows every task you can take on that entity.

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