WTH Why not allow badges, chips, text, etc. in the header bar

I am loving the new subviews for my mobile dashboard, but having now set all views other than the primary/home view as subviews accessible via mushroom template cards, there is a lot of empty space in in the header bar that would be perfect for badges, chips, text, etc.

Previously, I was using kiosk mode to hide the header bar, and using a row of mushroom chips as an alternative header with a menu/back button (left aligned), custom search button (right aligned) and other chips centered in between.

Having eliminated the clutter in the stock header with subviews, I would prefer to keep the stock header with the menu/back button and the overflow menu button with search, etc., but I would be losing out on the ability to utilize the empty space in the header bar.

I tried the Header Cards custom component, which shows promise, but it has a few quirks. It would be great if the frontend were to natively support badges, chips (e.g., weather), text and/or other elements in lieu of (or in addition to) navigation icons or links to views.

Stock Header Bar:

Custom Mushroom Header Row: