WTH You cannot re-order stuff in the automation editor

Sometimes you create a new action which should somewhere in the middle of the actions. The only way to do this now is edit the YAML. Please add drag and drop for changing the order of stuff in the automation editor.

Cheers Marcel

You can, but you have to go to the menu and click on the button, then you have to close the option.

It’s painful. It should be a good idea to be able to change it without having to activate anything.


It’s hard to find the option but it is there.

@giqcass I have created a WTH that could at least partially solve the “hard to find” problem: WTH Sidebar for automation/script editor

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I’ll give you a vote. I’ve been digging through this mess and saw 3 posts all with a decent number of votes because people can’t find the option. It’s simple enough once you know it’s there but a lot of people missed it.

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Took me a while too. Overflow menu at top > select reorder. Arrows and drag/drop button appear where appropriate. Don’t know why they did that, maybe technical reasons?

Agree. Keep the newly implemented reorder, but please a simple ‘Move UP’ and ‘Move Down’ is all I need 99% of the time. Right on the action item.

What I find funny is that the option to move up/down existed on each action until a couple of releases ago (moved to sidebar > reorder).

While I love the new option to drag-drop, I don’t 100% agree with hiding re-ordering as a sidebar option. In my opinion, drag & drop should always be visible, and the arrows… meh, okay but drag-drop covers that too.