WTH ,Zwave locks and codes (rboy apps) standard template

so hopefully not duplicated did look ,
but why when zwave is a unified standard is so hard to add a lock and get access to the code slots?
there should be a standard template
had rboy apps lock manager on smartthings and it was great , quick to change codes set timers etc
only thing i’ve seen is keymaster and it generated 16 pages of errors in my watchman report
using yale keyless and yale conaxis l1

I would recommend that you add the following to your ignored files configuration for watchman at a minimum if you’re using Keymaster:

/config/custom_components/*, /config/packages/*

That alone will save you much grief related to any HACs installations, and Keymaster in particular (along with Rental Control, if you use it)


there’s a ignored files config ?

stopped using it was a complete mare ,but having issues either pairing 2 x keyless connected via secure and being able to reset the zwave or exclude them ,

so will that will work to exclude other hacs from the logs in yellow ?

The ignored files configuration is detailed in the documentation:

If you use the configuration I noted above it will completely ignore any issues with files coming from HACs components. There’s some additional paths that might be useful too detailed in the documentation. That means that watchman will just be telling you about issues with your own automations and such, but HA now highlights that information too. So, truthfully, I’m not certain how useful watchman is directly anymore.

Personally, I’ve got Keymaster managing 6 locks and while it can be a pain to get the locks to fully sync up initially, once they do it works pretty flawlessly for me.

Do you place this in the main configuration.yaml file? Do I need to create an “Ignored File/Folder”?

Initially, I had trouble adding Z-Wave locks. I have six Kwikset locks. I learned the hard way that locks should be the last devices you add after you’ve set up a strong mesh network of powered Z-wave devices (switches, etc.). The locks need a good, strong signal to pass security keys with the hub.
I commend the developers of Keymaster for their work, but for a device called Home Assistant, door locks should be a standard integration, just like it is with SmartThings, VeraPlus, and Ezlo hubs.

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I did it via the UI configuration flow. There’s an ‘Ignored File/Folder’ option

I can’t speak for VeraPlus or Ezlo, but I still have a couple of SmartThings devices out and about which I will switch to Home Assistant and Keymaster as soon as I can actually source some RPi4s ;). I had to use RBoys app for doing locks, when I first got SmartThings there was no built in lock management, maybe they’ve changed that since, but it definitely didn’t exist 5 years ago.

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