WTH - ZwaveJS2MQTT - Why devices are not discoverable?

With ZwaveJS2MQTT, devices are available in MQTT but are not automatically discovered in HA whereas it’s done wih Zigbee2mqtt.
This means I have to create from scratch all sensors I need.
Is there a way to do it automatically ?

Yes… set up MQTT to look at the zwave_js main topic. Secondly, this isn’t a WTH for Home Assistant, this is a WTH for ZwaveJS2MQTT, which is not managed by HA. You should take this up with them.

  discovery_prefix: path_to_zwave_entities_in_broker

Lastly, you can just use websockets and the Zwave JS Integration, no need for MQTT at all.

Take a moment to understand the connection methods for Zwave JS