WUnderground delivers wrong precip Information


Is there anyone else for whom the WUnderground Precip Sensor (sensor.pws_precip_today_metric) is not working anymore correctly?

Since 30. May 00:00 Central European Summer Time it is not working anymore. I get mostly no value, just --

The Graph looks like this:


Mine seems to be working fine.
What do you see on the WUnderground website directly for this station?

Do the temperature and wind speed graphs show a similarly interrupted line?

The others are all fine:

And also the Precip on WUnderground looks ok.

@klogg just a heads up


Yes mine is all over the place. We’ve had no rain recently so the graph is kind of right but what is it with the broken lines? And almost always it shows ‘- mm’


EDIT: I just checked the website and the weather station I’m using is currently not reporting. I guess that can’t help!!
I’ll go back to using my lat and lon and see what happens.

Wunderground are getting rid of their free API and there are people all over their forums moaning about the service lately. A new API key (cheapest) is $850 per month.

I say f*** them. Bastards have built a business on other people’s data and now won’t even give a free API key to the people they built their business on.



Thats really bad, bought my ventus W830 just this year…

Any idea if HA is also supporting WheatherCloud or WheatherBug or uf I could send it to my own server?


Yeah i bought a station and haven’t even set it up yet! (It is sitting next to me on the desk now)

The supported weather components are listed here

I am tending to think openweathermap looks pretty good.

Yes OpenWeatherMap looks good but I don’t believe the HA component taps into as much data as it could: