Wunderground Weather and Home Assistant

Is this integration still working and maintained? I would like to buy my weather station mainly for this integration.


I have successfully been using WU integration with HA until yesterday.

Now all my entities are showing as unavailable (apart from the generic weather description)

I have turned on debug logging but there appear to be no WU related entries (as far as I can see)

I logged into my WU account (on WU website) and checked the API key

Underneath this it said it expired on 24 May 2024, even though it has been working since then.

The only thing I changed yesterday was to install a couple of themes and restart HA to clear out the Solcast integration as the repository has disappeared apparently (I have read something about this but it is not high priority for me to address and I can start again there if need be)

It seems most likely the expired API key has been cached or WU allow a couple of weeks grace to renew it perhaps - either way it is the most likely cause of my problems or just needs to be eliminated.

Couple of questions then:
1 - How can I update/refresh the API key in HA integration? I cannot find a dialogue under config for any of the stations or system for the integration. I would like to avoid reinstalling if at all possible (as there are quite a few entities that would likely be renamed and need sorting through the dashboards etc)
2 - Is this expiry a known thing? (for free account) and therefore something I need to put on calendar to renew periodically (hence need to refresh within the integration rather than start afresh each time)

WU version is 2.04
HA is

  • Core2024.3.3
  • Supervisor2024.06.0
  • Operating System12.1
  • Frontend20240307.0

Thoughts and constructive comments are welcome from those who may have seen this or can suggest a way forward. Thanks

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