/www/ folder?

HI, have problems with the www folder in ui-lovelace.yaml. I’m not sure if I’m doing right.
in /www/ the folder is the right to have everyone
resources required for a good functioning ui-lovelace.yaml?
As in picture?
Discovered in browser inspection some errors.

Yes, place images into the www folder. Example: “picture.jpg”.

Access them in yaml or lovelace by calling out the location:


local = www folder.


also .js file to.
Where can I have: custom_ui, plugin_ui, file, in the same folder www?
What does the error in the browser mean in the image?

looks like you are missing the vertical…-card.js file. I’m guessing thats the custom vertical-in-stack-card? If so, just plop that in the root www directory. Or change your resource section to reflect the correct location.

Hi has changed, but now others fail. What can it be?

My resources:


Try doing a hard refresh of the page.

and/or clear your cache

Have tried but it will be the same fail
Thanks anyway

have you restarted your HA? Every time I add a custom card I have to restart HA, refresh lovelace and clear the cache.

Thanks, :wink: