Www.insbudcontrols.com - white label HVAC controls

Anyone ever heard of this as a brand: www.insbudcontrols.com

They have an app for their wifi thermostats called Hi Thermostat (IOS and Android) - Hi Thermostat by 丽霖 彭 (appadvice.com)

Just wondering is anyone has anyone come across this with a view of seeing how it all works to integrate to Home assistant.

I do not think there is an integration for this but you can build yourself, it will definitely take your time.

Or you can buy something already working with home assistant.

No I didn’t expect an integration as I hadn’t seen one. But was looking it someone had found an api or some sort of communication.

While I would like to get an integrated one. This seems to be the model that is sold by many of the home heating companies in my county, so it’s a little hard to avoid

In my case, i told heating/electric companies to install default thermostats (dummy with rotator) and replaced all of them with wifi ones with tuya support. I would go with zigbee ones but i wasn’t wisdom enough :slight_smile:

I have the model TR3504-Wifi, which seems to be ESP based. A little more detail about it here:


I have it added in the Smart Home android application, which is tuya compatible - wondering if you have an update to this? Any way to add and pull data off this via HA?