Wyoming not working as docker under Unraid to HA

I bought just a M5stack Atom Echo and did install it with ESPHome in HA.
That worked fine.
I did try voice commands, but that is not working.
I do run HA as a container under Unraid. So I do not have addons, but need dockers to replace addons.
Thats working fine for the most of addons replacement.
But not for Wyoming (faster-whisper, piper and OpenWakeword)
I’m able to connect the dockers with Wyoming integration in HA.

Also in assist setup able to select.
But it is not working.
Piper is speaking strange words
and openwakeword and faster-whisper entity is giving unknown.

Is there a working method to use the HA assist with dockers under Unraid for speech to text and openwakeword ?

I learned that the unknown faster-whisper entity has nothing to do with the problem.
I realy hope someone knowing a solution

hi I am also on unraid I set up a VM HA it’s very easy and you will have all the addons
if you need help no problem

Thanks for the answer.
VM is not the problem. I do run HA as docker instead of VM.
I just switched from VM to docker