Wyoming satellite is very slow


I am writing here because I need help with my slow satellite.
I built it following this link:

I used what the dude calls slow pipeline (extended openai conversation via hacs + whisper + piper).

It works, but it’s extremely slow.
In glances, I can see that there is a CPU_IOWAIT error after the wake word is detected and the command is given.
It takes about 1 minute to switch the lights on, and the voice response I get sounds really sluggish, as if it was pitched down too much.

Are these problems to do with my pipeline?
Or maybe because I am running HA on an RPI 3b+? Is the hardware too slow? Maybe my SD card is too slow?

I don’t have any other problems regarding speed when I use HA from my phone or operate my esphome buttons.

Many thanks for your help.

What hardware is your HA running on?

It’s running on an RPI 3b+.
It’s the only thing running on the machine, I think I did the HA install from the rpi imager

What model are you using in the Whisper add on?

I am using the default tiny-int8

Chances are the hardware is the issue. Try changing to the Home Assistant cloud to process the requests. Youll either confirm or eliminate the hardware as the issue.