Wyoming Voice Satellite very Temperamental

Two questions

So Ive put a Pi Zero 2w and respeaker 2 mic hat into an old Echo Show 10 just reusing the speakers. It works fine, but as soon as I put it in a case and put everything in the Show, it just stops working. And unfortunately there is not enough logs on the services to figure out why?

Has anyone else had a similar issue where moving the device stops it from working?

I know it seems silly, but I’ve had the same experience with two zero/mic hats


Second question is that when following the

The third guide moved the audio player from aplay to pulse audio. Again due to it having stopped working, I decided to start again from scratch. But after reformatting, it would not play though the mic hat headphone jack. Only after upgrading to pulse audio would it start working. I did this twice, reformatted the SD card and started from scratch and both times were the same. Only difference was I decided to keep going with the update to pulse after the second format.

SO I really want to know if anyone has also had experiences with the Pi Zero 2w and the respeakers hat being very temperamental or its my hardware. I did get the hats from Aliexpress.

Hi. I am starting to test out the same device setup as you (rpi zero 2w and the 2mic hat only). I placed the rpi inside one of these phone charging station. The rpi became unresponsive. The led would just stay lit on yellow after I called it using the wake word. I am thinking of radio interference since I was not able to ssh into the pi. Though at the time, there was nothing plugged into any phones or watch. Just cables plugged into the charging port inside the wood case.

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That’s interesting. So I think I’ve actually started this thing from scratch about 5 times now lol

The first two times I had the same issue. It would work for a bout a day, then I would ask a question and, the then same as you, ask it a question. The yellow lights would come on and it would be stuck like that. restart didn’t change anything (it was just on my desk, in a case so didn’t think about interference). After the third reformat this issue stopped, so assumed I was just making errors when setting up or something.

So when you take it out of the box and restart does normal function resume?

I haven’t actually taking the Pi out of the Show to test that, but I’ll do it tonight and report back :slight_smile:

Yes, when it is not inside the box it seems to work ok. Though, it is not understanding my request a handful of times, but that could be a training issue. I don’t have a plastic box like yours. I’ve wrapped it with saran wrap.

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I have seen a report of a similar device indicating the clever positioning of mics and speakers to minimise any feedback. I assume the position of the respeaker’s mics does not match where the Echos mics are expected - possibly resulting in reduced volume, interference, or even an audio feedback loop (so it never detects the end of the “instruction”) ?

How tight is the reSpeaker in the Echo case ? Does it touch the case ? Is there a clear path for the audio to enter the case onto the mics ?

I still have my RasPi Zero + reSpeaker HAT in an improvised cardboard “case” due to being unable to find a good 3D printable case online when I set it up.

It fits pretty well actually, and it works not that I’ve ditched the Pi case. Ill post a little video when I get a chance :slight_smile: