Wyze Bridge Broken after update to 1.11.2

Today, there was an update to Wyze Bridge to 1.11.2. On my setup this resulted in the following error Missing credentials: WYZE_EMAIL WYZE_PASSWORD

I have been using Wyze Bridge with 5 cameras (4-v2 and 1-v3) for more than a year with no issues. I assure you the credentials are correct. Was working this morning right up until the update after which it broke.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a bug or is there perhaps something else causing this.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Follow-up: I reinstalled the add-on and now i get the message, “This add-on does not expose configuration for you to mess with…” when i try and select the configuration tab? Crazy.

I had the same issue.

The Developer is tracking this as a Bug on Github: Missing credentials: WYZE_EMAIL WYZE_PASSWORD after update #683.

I was able to restore back to 1.11.1 from my Weekly Backup.

Excellent. Thanks!