Wyze Cam Stream from Cloud via "App Spoofing"

Hey All-

So just to start, I tested out the Wyze Cam RTSP firmware but I don’t like it that much, it seemed to freeze and crash and didn’t work well, so i ditched that method.

So i’ve been poking around with this awesome blog / wyze_hacks github page to get NFS writing available on my wyze cams. I got it working great,

Here the’s interesting piece to note. The “SD CARD METHOD” that is in the blog post no longer works, Wyze Patched the hole that allowed teh exploit to enable the telnet daemon by inserting an SD card.

HOWEVER, HclX who is awesome, built a python script that can remotely push the change to the Wyze Cam to cause the wyze cam to mount the NFS filesystem.

What’s interesting, is it looks like he’s spoofing the app to the wyze cam servers in order to accomplish this, and then tells the camera to go to a local server to get the file.

This led me to think that we could use the “spoofing” method to create an integration or component within Home Assistant that could connect to the Wyze Cam Server and stream the live feed, just like the phone app does. This would do a couple things:

  1. It’s more stable, as the phone app seems to work great
  2. It would conserve bandwidth, as the cameras don’t stream to the cloud constantly unless you ask to watch them.

It’s a bit beyond me to make these modifications or poke into it, but I thought I’d poke all the pieces out there to show people.