Wyze Cam v3 Alternative?

Hello all,

The long and the short of it is, I’m looking for any suggestions for a Wyze Cam v3 alternative form factor for an inside camera that supports a native RSTP stream. This may be a big ask.

I’ve got a dozen Wyze Cam v3 deployed in indoors. The reason I have used the Wyze Cams for indoors is they are small and hardly noticeable. And running cat5 isn’t always feasible where cameras need to be placed. Price is a nice benny as well. They work fine when using the Wyze App/Cloud. However, I wanted to consume a direct RSTP feed from them and get away from the App/Cloud and use something like Frigate for motion detection and recording. I have two Coral USB TPUs passed through to the LXC Container where I run Frigate. I updated the firmware with the RTSP Firmware provided by Wyze. It works ok, but is a bit unreliable. I blocked all outbound/inbound traffic from/to the network/vlan where my cameras live. Still hitchy in Frigate. So I tried using the wz_mini_hack as another option to completely eliminate the Wyze App. Still no mojo. I’ve updated to the latest Frigate v1.12.1 trying both go2rtc for the re-stream and not, just a direct rstp stream. I’ve played around with the ffmpeg input args, etc. Oh, and I have a Ubiquiti Wifi network with 6 AC Pros all physically cabled to the core switch. My TrueNAS and Proxmox servers are both connected via 10G to the core. But my mileage seems to indicate my problem has only gotten worse with the v1.12.1. I’ve had a conversation with @NickM-27 who’s a sponsor/colaborator of the Frigate project and his opinion is that the root of the problem is the camera itself. So again, I’m hoping that someone has some experience solving this similar challenge.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you


Have you tried wyze-bridge?

@hassiopi Thank you for the suggestion. wyze-bridge doesn’t provide a direct stream from the camera but acts as a proxy. You still have to have your camera connected to the Wyze app/servers. So it doesn’t really address my concern and want.

I am still looking for any input for a reliable indoor wifi camera. I’ve tried to use the Wyze Bridge and it’s mess. It’s no more reliable than using the RTSP Firmware on the Wyze Cam, in fact my experience is worse. Anybody at all, please share your success with a wifi indoor camera.

Thank you very much