Wyze Doorbell incoming!

Unsure if anyone else has seen it yet… Wyze is dropping a doorbell in January 2021. $30 USD and no subscription! Gonna give Ring and Nest a run for their money (literally).

Downside… it’s a wired doorbell, no battery option (yet?).

I don’t even have a wired doorbell at the moment and I’m still going to preorder one. Just need to get a doorbell transformer wired in before January!

Another downside:
**Free Cloud Storage** No subscription required for motion-activated video

There is again a cloud involved!

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Yeah… there is a cloud involved… but I’m sure some enterprising person might find a way around it tho. LOL!

Considering the Wyze cam v2 was incredibly popular and never really fully integrated into HASS, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


Yeah was just looking into stopping and starting recording today with my V2 now that IFTTT is essentially dead and was shocked there was no HA method.

I just got my Video Doorbell delivered and have it temporarily hooked up, and Im trying to see what I can do with it. Has anyone had any luck integrating it at all?

I have it too, no integration so far.

I’ve had the doorbell for a few weeks. Really like it.
Wish there was HA integration as I also have a few cams and the thermostats.
Currently accepting that I have my Wyze world with cams/thermostats, then everything else.

So I got the live view in Home Assistant thanks to tinycam pro, but has anyone figured out how to integrate the wyze doorbell BUTTON in too home assistant? I can think of many automation just with the doorbell button especially now that I have the live feed integrated.

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Yes, I also wish the doorbell BUTTON could be exposed. I did install the Home Assistant HACS integration written by JoshuaMulliken, but it does not appear to expose the actual BUTTON on the doorbell.

anyone figured out how to get Wyze doorbell video and buttons in HA?

Pinging this thread again, has anyone find any workarounds with this doorbell and integrating it within HA?