Wyze + Home Assistant = Smart cameras?

I just got two Wyze v2 cameras that I’d like to add to my smart home. Currently I’ve set them up with RTSP that’s connected to Motion Eye on my Raspberry Pi which is neat for “regular” surveillance system, but I’d like to do more!

I’m thinking about three different types of communication:

  1. Be able to use the motion and sound sensors as triggers in HA, to be able to send notifications and perform actions depending on the state of the house (home/away/sleeping etc). Or even more advanced, use AI to differentiate between e.g. a car and a person or the phone ringing and the alarm going off to send even more specific triggers.

  2. Send commands from HA to Motion Eye or Wyze (or whatever) to change recording settings (e.g. set to record sound when away mode in HA is activated and disabled it when back in home mode)

  3. Last but not least, display the video streams in Lovelace

I’ve tried to search for some inspiration on what can be done and how, but I haven’t found a smart integration, especially not for 1 and 2 yet. I’m more than happy to use addition software (just stumbled across Motion Eye, so not too attached to it), as long as it can run on my Pi. Could it maybe be solved using IFTTT directly between HA and the built-in Wyze software?

Ideas anyone? Cheers!