Wyze Integration - Bulb, Switch, Sensor, Lock

After searching for all sorts of options to integrate Wyze into HA, I found one that works. No Cam integration for obvious reasons, though those can be worked around by flashing the cams themselves. This does work through their API and thus through the cloud, so not local for folks who are concerned about that.

Installation was a breeze and everything seems to be working.

I just wanted to give a shout out to the person who developed it. Hope it helps someone else and saves some folks a little headache.

Can you tell me more about using Wyze cameras with HA? I’ve got one but don’t know best way to get it into HA. I’m very newbie right now, at least with HA.

Currently, the only way to get the cameras to work (that I know of) is through flashing them to make them RTSP. You can actually download the firmware from Wyze directly. There are quite a few guides on here to walk you through it and the setup in HA, which is a very easy “Camera” setup.

There is no current way to obtain the video/audio feeds or files (local or online) through the api.

Hope it helps.