Wyze Lock Bolt

Hi, I did some research and saw that is possible to control a Wyze Lock through HA. SO I bough one but did not realize that they have two model one zigbee / bluetooth with possibility of having a Wyze bridge. and one with finger print reader, locked but no zigbee and no bridge…

I’m thinking about returning it but I was wondering if it possible to manage it with HA

this is the exact model

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Did you ever figure this out…I wonder if it’ll work now with BT support.

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Hi, I was wondering the same thing ! maybe I should try to put it in pairing mode to see if it’s working.

Also I know the bt is in early state and they will add more thing soon

I tried to pair ir and it does’nt work

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Would be nice if this works with HA!!

Since last update it show up as Yale access Bluetooth but it ask me for an offline hex key and I don’t know where to find it

Hi, has anyone made any progress on this?

One would think that with BTHome is might be possible now, but would probably take some reverse engineering to determine the commands the Wyze lock is sending and expecting.

We should start a new post with the right title. this one is old and date before the new bt integration

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I was about to create a new topic to know how to obtain the online key then I remember it was in the documentation of the Yale integration

But it for the Yale or August App… I will try it with the wyze app maybe Thursday night if some on have the time to test it before keep me posted

Curious to know if this works I just got this wyze lock waiting on my BT esp32 POE ISO to come in. If anyone reverse engineer I’m very interested to get my wyze lock working with HA.

it stop appear as a Yale access bluetooth device so it was probably a bug …

I have high hope for the October update… I know not many people will see this but if some one would like to do some test I’m available to test with them !

Do you know anything about the wyze bolt lock?

like I said I have one … for a brief moment it appear as a Yale Bluetooth device but not anymore… so I have no clue how to add one and even if it is possible

I also follow this GitHub thread to see if there is any news :

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New Beta FW added support for locking or unlocking Wyze Lock Bolt from the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro live stream. Link here

Additional info:

You can now add a direct unlocking button to the Doorbell Pro livestream. Tapping the icon will remotely unlock your Lock Bolt (we send a WiFi command to your Doorbell Pro, which sends a Bluetooth command to your Lock Bolt)

Currently it does not remotely lock because this is the first step we need to test before adding other functions. If this goes well, it will help us consider building out additional remote capabilities for Lock Bolt.

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