Wyze Lock integration

Wyze just released a new lock for $89 and am i wanting to add it into home assistant. It seems to have a different hub than wyze sense but dont know what protocol its using.

edit: bluetooth,zigbee

The FAQ had some more (not-super-useful, but something) info:

What happens if my WiFi goes out?

If your home WiFi goes out you won’t be able to remotely lock or unlock Wyze Lock, but you won’t be locked out! Wyze Lock uses Bluetooth when you’re near the door so you can always get in… even if your home’s WiFi or power are out.

How does Wyze Lock connect to the internet?

Wyze Lock comes with the Wyze Lock Gateway—a Zigbee hub that connects Wyze Lock to your 2.4GHz WiFi network. Simply plug the Wyze Lock Gateway into an outlet near your door, pair it with Wyze Lock, and you’re good to go.

If I’m reading this correctly, sounds like Phone to Lock is Bluetooth, Lock to Gateway is Zigbee and Gateway to Internet is WiFi.

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That means that it will work with home Assistant and a zigbee stick?

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Interesting, I didn’t know wyze had a lock out.

Wyze recorded a AMA session on YouTube earlier today and they talked about communication protocols. The official answer is that it WILL NOT BE compatible with other hub than the one provided with the lock.

Reference : https://youtu.be/Qq1y1_VWRhc?t=1262 (21 mins)

Challenge Accepted!


The official answer is that it WILL NOT BE compatible with other hub than the one provided with the lock.

That’s disappointing. I’m still shocked that Wyze has not released some integration with Home Assistant, even if it’s cloud based. They would only benefit from all of the Home Assistant users being able to easily connect to all of their devices. It would certainly lead to more sales. I know most of us want local, but I think there is a large enough chunk of users who would use Wyze hardware if it had a proper integration in Home Assistant.


If it could somehow be connected through Zigbee w/ HA, I would buy one at that price point.

Let’s see what the future holds!

Yeah I guess it is. Wyze has their focus on simplicity right now. To make their smart home ecosystem live as one. As of now, everyone around me who has ever bought Wyze products wants their integration to work with Google Assistant or Alexa, not HA.

I was recently looking for door sensors and chose to go with Xiaomi products for their reputation, reliability and Zigbee operation to integrate with my HA automations. I would have prefer to go with Wyze sensors but didn’t want to rely on webhooks all the time. So yeah, I guess they are loosing sales!

Which model(s) did you end up using? Any links?


If you mean door sensors, I went for Xiaomi’s. Still waiting for the package to come in so can’t speak for myself on ease of integration.

On the other hand, it was brought to my attention just yesterday on reddit that there is a custom component to integrate Wyze Sensors with HA. Maybe I’ll try those some time next year for windows since they’re really small.

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I highly recommend the Wyze door and window sensors along with the HA custom component. I’m really happy with mine so far. They update near instantly and are super cheap.

That’s great. I wonder if it’s possible to use both HA integration through custom component AND the built-in integration with the Wyze app?

Nope, you have to connect the bridge straight to HA. It is all locally controlled. There is a wyze bulb and plug integration in HACS as well (not locally controlled) so you can all of them in HA.

You can connect the lock to HA via zigbee with ZHA. First you have to pair to it’s gateway and calibrate it via the wyze app, then you just pair it to ZHA and it will show up as a lock and you can lock/unlock. No advanced functions like door state or lock state yet, it is using some manufacturer specific clusters that will need to be decoded to work. hopefully wyze will help out.


Please local support with the Wyse bridge thing

Using ZHA isn’t really an option for me … having a USB ZigBee stick doesn’t really cut it… I live in a 5 floor brick house… my ha server is in the middle… really need some way to talk to the Gateway.

Can i connect the lock bridge to the tradfri zigbee gateway and control it from HA? If yes, how would I do that?

The bridge is a zigbee coordinator like the tradfri gateway or any other zigbee hub. The lock is a zigbee lock but also has bluetooth. the gateway has wifi and zigbee and controls the out of home access basically.

Ignorant question: how do I add the lock to my usb cc2531 hub?