Wyze Plug Integration

Has anyone figured out how to add a Wyze plug? I have Wyze sensors set up through the HACS integration and they work great. I thought the plug would work the same, but it cannot be found when I run the scan.

Only found 1 other topic on this but it’s from last year. It recommended this integration (https://github.com/JoshuaMulliken/ha-wyzeapi), but it looks like you need to have a Wyze account to make it work? Giving it a try now anyways, but wondering if there’s a better solution.


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Were you able to get the plug working?

Unfortunately, no. I have since learned that the Wyze plug works differently than the sensors. It uses Wifi to talk to the hub and back to their server. This is a no-go for me, so I returned the plugs.

Big bummer, since the sensors work so great.

Ah, bummer - yeah same here - I don’t want anything going out to 3rd parties before determining what to do.

Thanks for the info!

@Coltuxumab, was in same boat as you. Picked up plugs thinking they connected same way motion sensors and sensors did.

But I installed that wyzeapi and it does work, my plug originally came thru my home assistant as switch.xxxx. So it works, but now its using cloud which kinda sucks.

Yeah, I’m keeping a close eye on Wyze because they have serious potential, but I’m a bit worried that they’re pushing out all of these new products lately without much focus on their non-cloud smart home products. Don’t get me wrong, they probably need to do the whole cloud thing to make money, but I hope that doesn’t come at the expense of expanding and improving the sense technology.