Wyze RTSP firmware updated, usablity improved greatly

Wyze has updated their RTSP firmware, and it is much more stable.

There is a thread with a Wyze developer involved in improving the RTSP firmware, please help with good feedback.

I have to admit that I’d given up on seeing RTSP updated by WYZE. I’ve flashed mine over to DAFANG firmware and quite like the feature set.
Any idea on how the two compare?

I turned my 1 wyze cam off when they stopped edge person detection, and just recently flashed it to a webcam. I see no reason to buy their devices when they make no promise to update the FW to keep security good, and just want your money for the cloud. For those who are absolutely dead set on using it, sure. I also see comments in that thread that say the FW did not improve the stability…ehhh

I don’t really regret buying the WYZE units, especially with the DAFANG firmware. However, if I was doing it now, I’d probably go with the EZVIZ cameras with more features (including much better night vision) for the same price.