Wyze Sense Alternatives?

Time to replace the motion and door sensors with something else,just too many issues.

I was thinking about using the Sonos RF Bridge with their door and motion sensors. Who has done this and what are your thoughts? If you have other recommendations,let me hear them. Thanks

I too abandoned Wyze Sense which is disappointing because it worked great at the beginning. I originally had a Hubitat integration and switched to Home Assistant’s when the Hubitat one became too inconsistent. I continued to have same problems so all of those devices have been thrown away.

I swapped to all Zigbee devices through Hubitat. However, for over a year, I have had about three 433 Mhz motion sensors and eight 433 Mhz water leak detectors that I use thru a Tasmotized Sonoff Bridge and they are as quick to react as any of my Zigbee devices.