Wyze sense component on ubuntu server and docker

im complete noob with hassio and docker , just change my system from domoticz to hassio using a nuc with devian server and docker , im trying to install the wyze sense with the WYZE Sense Component , but the “/dev/hidraw0” is not present , i been reading a lot about this and think this is a way to do it https://github.com/kevinvincent/ha-wyzesense/issues/66#issuecomment-569470754 but cant figure out how to do it any advise or tutorial , also i got portainer , but cant find a way to follow the steps to try it , thanks guys

thanks to stevo on discord manage to fix my issue ,

I know it a stale thread, but would you mind adding what steps you followed? I’m pretty sure I’m in the exact same spot.

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