Wyze sense hub not connecting

I had this working on earlier versions of home assistant. Right now I am updating everything, so I’m on the latest version of home assistant, hacs, and the wyze integration. Unfortunately my hangup is connecting the actual hub to my raspberry pi. When I run the command to check the hidraw (dmesg | grep hidraw) I get “hidraw: fraw HID events driver” and nothing else. If i run a command to show connected devices it does not show up. It is definitely connected as I do see the amber light indicating power, but for some reason it will not fully connect. Has anyone run into this, and if so what is the fix? I changed usb ports, rebooted loads of times, but nothing seems to work. My zwave/zigbee adapter works, so usb ports are working fine.

Ok I solved this. It looks like my issue was caused by a bad usb extension cable. I wanted to share for anyone else running into a similar issue. I connected the sense hub to a wyze cam and it worked, so that confirmed the hub wasn’t bad. I then connected it via the usb cable and it failed to connect. I went and used a different extension and it showed up in vmware (which I moved to for testing from the rpi) and now shows a hidraw.