Wyze support confirmed

I recently mentioned on Twitter that I was going to make a video to convince Wyze to provide first party home assistant support, they replied with “We’re looking forward to both”. Who knows what features it will bring at first, but they seem pretty good at listening to customer’s feature requests.
Also I don’t know if it will include all their products, or just Wyze cams. Hopefully it includes Wyze sense, wyze plugs, and Wyze bulbs.

Source: http://bit.ly/2Z1Ailq


Might not be the same/what you expected but we do have Wyze sense working with HA, unofficially, now.


I know, I’ve heard about that. But official support should be better.

I think they mean they are looking forward to your videos, not that they’ve committed to support Home Assistant in any way.

I agree, though. They are good as listening to customer feedback. I can’t understand why this has taken them so long. I understand they may not want to support “Home Assistant” without also supporting “Everything Else”. But, they could provide an API of their own and developers for all of the different Home Automation systems will quickly turn that into integrations for their platform, Home Assistant included.

I think at least part of it is… either they implement an API at the device level (which requires some effort to tap into a video stream and allow it to fork in two directions, but they already jumped over this hurdle with RTSP support), or they implement the API at the cloud level and deal with many, Many, MANY people connecting their Home Automation platforms to the API with “always on, always downloading” servers and skyrocketing their bandwidth and server requirements.

I think RTSP was a great step. And their Wyze Sensors USB device uses a fairly standard HID interface. So, while they weren’t saying “HEY, WE HAVE AN API!”, they certainly made the work a lot easier.

With RTSP and the Wyze USB device connected to any computer, their devices are quite available for access. And with a little more effort (their RTSP lags a bit, and some real documentation for the HID interface would help) it’ll be top notch.

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you could be right about them saying they are looking forward to my videos, not Home Assistant.

they also said this btw https://twitter.com/WyzeCam/status/1161774500641292288

and i agree that the rtsp is progress. They listen to their customers unlike Nest, Ring, whatever else.