Wyzesense dead?

The wyzesense custom integration and my 30 or so sensors continued to function adequately for me until 4 Oct 2023 (release 2023.10). I have not discovered it’s demise mentioned in “breaking changes”.
I am well aware of the wyze sensor defects (manageable) and that the integration has not been supported for some time. I expected someday it would be dropped. I would like to continue using it if possible. Is it really dead or do I have some configuration issue I haven’t discovered???

For what it’s worth, I have found the wyzesense integration and wyze sensors to be far more reliable than any dropout prone Zigbee configuration I have been able to implemented (several). My local 2.4 GHz spectrum is apparently quite challenging for Zigbee.

No, it isn’t dead yet. My bad. Don’t know what was wrong, or how I fixed it, but its’ back. Took a complete shutdown and shuffling of usb ports. Why it happened along with an update is a question, but so be it. Long live wyzesense!