X-Sense Security - is it possible to create an integration?

I wrote that you might get in touch with them. I didn’t write anything about the other things.

I also wrote to them that if they want to support the integration, they are welcome to send all devices that are not supported yet.


cool! I will contact them


Yes!!! Perfect way to start a Monday!! Thank you!


I have a SMA51 mailbox alarm, and it seems to add correctly, but nothing seems to happen when it triggers.

Let me know if you would like me to share it.

For me it looks like all the readings are frozen and no update happens.
Values are updated, if I open the app on my phone or reload the integration though. Apart from that works nicely with watersensor, temp sensor, smoke detector and CO detector.

yes, would it be possible to share it? The device might report additional values that might be useful.

The lack of updating is a known issue, we need mqtt for that. When the app opens, it connects to mqt, subscribes and asks for updates for certain devices (such as the temp-sensor) This will trigger the updating, until the mqtt connection closes (when the app is closed)

I’m currently working on it, but I have been quite busy with some other things.

Thanks @bleem313!
There’s one additional field called “activate” for the SMA51, which currently has value “1”. Not yet sure what it means, I cannot see anything useful in the app.
Do you have an idea? I could find any clues so far.
Do you have mail now?

Edit: found more info in another api-call: “mailNotice”: “0”

I have changed my settings from default so that it doesn’t ‘hold’ hold the alert until dismissed, it just plays the chime / sends a notification when the mail box is opened. That could be the mailNotice.

I changed the setting for “Enable Alarm Sound” to be disabled. Is there an easy way for me to check if this changes the api calls myself? I’m used to working with tools like postman. I’m guessing it will be easier to just check them yourself.

Feel free to try adjusting setting on that sensor to see how it affects what you are getting back. Just maybe avoid changing the tone/volume settings, as that will cause the hub to make noise and confuse my wife, haha.

I have 6 XS01-M Smoke Detectors and a X-Sense Base. Works great but I can’t test them through Home Assistant. I would test it through the App but the issue is that you can’t have multiple Devices at once.

He is mentioning in the plugin, that you should make an additional account! Just make new one and use the new one for the Home assistant. You can give this account access to your base station from your main account.

BR Andi