X-Sense Security - is it possible to create an integration?

The following devices work for me and the following entities are displayed:


thank you for the update. Unfortunately still not “Initializing” new error message for me:

@theosnel there is a XC04-WX

I’m getting the same error - will not initialize. SCO7-WX

Ok, all together, XC04-WX, SC07-WX does Not work at this time. Please deaktivate sharing this devices with HA.

I hope @theosnel will fix the problems in the nearly future

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ah, thats annoying. Those devices probably have different api-calls. Can someone share those devices with my test-account? I will just query them to see which API-calls we need to make.

Can you send the email for your test account again - I’ll happily share my SCO7-WX

Can you share it with [email protected]?

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Works great with my Smoke Detectors!

@komtx is it still possible to share? Or anyone else who has a SC07-WX,a XC04-WX or another device that is not yet supported?

My development-account is [email protected]

Ok - you should have invite. Thanks!

Thanks, working on it now. Already got it partially working, but I have to figure out to logic of when to do which query.

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Made a small update, not the nicest one, but it should work for now. The internal naming and url generation is a mess and it is hard to figure out.

You will only need to update the library to 0.0.8, which you can change in the manifest. I’ll ask Jarnsen to update the HACS repo.

Hopefully the XC04-WX will also work, but I haven’t tested it.

Updated the HACS

thanks for the hint works now fine for me.

Just wanted to jump into this thread to say thanks! My SC07-WX now appears in HA.

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Wow, everything works for my smokedetectors with base station.

Testing the smoke detectors is not yet possible with home assistant, isn’t it? Just curious if it would be possible to use this smoke detectors also as an alarm sirene for the house :stuck_out_tongue:


eventually, I think so, but I have to implement MQTT support first. Then it should also be possible to receive alarms, which makes the integration more useful.


One is ordered

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X-Sense has responded to the Home Assistant Integration video. So it doesn’t go unnoticed.


I think, it‘s your turn.