X-Sense WR01-WT


Is there anyone with X-Sense WR01-WT smoke sensors working in HA? This is the WiFi version of the sensor. There is also a wireless version (WR01-WR).


you got some information? I want to buy the X-Sense XS01-WT WLAN if it possible to add to HA.

I have this one (XS01-WT) for an hour, but it will not show up in the tuya web-account. I will wait a few hours maybe than it will show up … but whether it will work … I don´t know.
Was my last idea for a smart smoke sensor, that I can integrate to hass.io. I will replace my Fibaro´s becouse the had to much flase alarms - mostly during night time …

I have the X-Sense XS01-WT Smoke Sensors (WLAN) connected though the Tuya-Integration (Local Tuya and Tuya Local do not yet work with them).

With the Tuya-Integration (one added to the Tuya-App) they will show up in HA as follows:

  • Binary Sensor for Smoke Alarm: “normal”,“alarm”
  • Battery State Sensor: “low”, “high”


Hey Robert,
Can you tell me how you got the smoke detector into the Tuya app to begin with?

For anyone referring to this thread in the future, the new version of the X-sense fire detector (XS01-WX), while it looks similar to the WT version, it no longer connects to Tuya, and only works with the X-sense app. Don’t be confused by them being the same product. I’m yet to find another method of connecting it to Home Assistant. It may be worth waiting for Mata-compatible fire alarms, at which point there will be a solution.


Hi everybody,

I bought 3 XS01-WT, 1 year ago, these detectors works perfectly with HA through Tuba Platform (Smartlife App).

I wanted to buy this model again, unfortunately this model is not available anymore and has been replaced by the model XS01-WX (as Nate1 said).

I tried to connect this new detector with HA but it seems that isn’t not possible.

Somebody find a solution ?

Thank in advance

Maybe bit late…
I have X-Sense XS01-M detectors.
With the basestation, and then with this integration: https://github.com/Jarnsen/ha-xsense-component_test