X10 with heyu and Home Assistant

I have some old x10 outlets, as well as a controller that are all compatible with heyu. I would like to create switches in Home Assistant to control them. What are my options? Ideally, I would create a switch for each one, that just runs the shell commands. However, I realize shell commands only work with automation.

As a workaround, I could create a switch that outputs to a gpio pin, and use another gpio pin to detect the status of that one, and run the appropriate script to turn the lights on and off. This seems very wasteful though.

Otherwise, I could maybe use a web.py script to make a web service that controls them, and then create switches based off of that. However, that seems out of my level of skill, and still very tedious. Has anyone gotten x10 stuff to work?

I’m running a similar system (x10, Heyu, CM11a, Raspberry Pi, and Bluelava as a frontend.)

I’m kind of surprised that there’s no module for the granddaddy of home automation systems, but maybe it’s too old?

I’m just getting into setting up a Home Assistant instance, so I don’t have much to report yet. I did want to ask what you meant by “Shell commands only work with automation.”

Right now, I’m using a shell script that gets executed by CRON every 15 minutes. If the time matches the embedded logic in the script, action happens. I was thinking, if HA supports it, to replace that with a script that takes a parameter and performs actions based on that parameter. For example, if I pass the script “A”, it knows to turn on modules A2 and A3…

Have you done anything more with your x10 system?

In attempt to link the x10 topics together, take a look at Adding X10 support I took the “web service” approach described in the first post.