Xaiomi Temp/humid sensor in Homekit, Siri says battery level not sensor values

So I have an issue with homekit and a temp/humidity sensor,

the sensor is a xaiomi brand zigbee connected via conbee and deconz,
I have homekit integration and use it to pass the sensor through to siri,

When I pass a DHT11 sensor through it displays as a temp sensor and when I ask siri for the temperature i get the correct response,

When passing the xaiomi Siri says “The bedroom temperature sensor battery level is at 88%”

that is cool and all but I want the temperature, I can look at homekit and see the temp just Siri can’t see it

I’m having the same issue with aeotec multisensor. The humidity sensor works well with siri, but the temperature always report the battery level. I’ve noticed that in the device settings in Home app, the temperature value is not showing, but the humidity sensor is. See screenshots

I have a workaround,
I have made an MQTT Temperature and Humidity Sensor then got node-red to update the values every minute