XBee Hassio 0.98.2 - zigpy-xbee install?

I’m brand new to the world of HA, having come from SmartThings and Hubitat (Hubitat is still running until I can get up to speed on HA). My Hassio install is on an RPI 4, 4GB version.
So today I factory reset an Xbee 3 Pro device, set the baud to 57600, plugged it in to HA, waited 5 minutes for it all to configure, went to Integrations, added ZHA and pointed it to the USB Xbee, didn’t get very far. Gave it another 10 minutes and repeated the procedure and everything worked. I added a Hue motion sensor to Zigbee and the sensor reported instant movement! Ran some test and was thoroughly impressed (Hue motion sensor via Hue Bridge was unusable due to slow reaction hence trying Xbee).
I then noticed there was an updated to 0.98.2 which I did. Not so good. There is about a 3 to 5 second delay before movement is registered. Next set of movement is better, roughly 2 second but definitely not instant like 0.98.1.
I’ve done some looking online and can see that there is something for Xbee called zigpy-xbee library. How do I install this? Or check to see if it’s been installed with 0.98.2?
Thanks in advance

did you ever figure this out? I’m doing this now. I used the hass.io image on the same rpi4. You have to install some integrations first, like sss/web terminal(add first the home assistant community add-ons-the ssh/terminal is in there), since there is a command line to copy/paste to get zig-py installed. I’m struggling through this now, but always get 2 devices installed and it never reports that xbee is coordinator, only as router. I did set the xbee in xctu as coordinator, and all other required settings

I didn’t. Gave up on it in the end. I managed to get it working ok but didn’t have control over it all especially changing zigbee channel so I went back to Conbee 2

and hey I recognize you from that half baked excuse for a platform, hubitat

lol - yeah I moved from Hubitat to HA. Best move I’ve done in a long time (well, since going from ST to Hubitat anyways lol).

I would defiantly recommend going the Conbee route with Deconz. As good as ZHA is, its just not there yet in my opinion. And to give repeater capability, Ive just used ST plugs and Ikea plugs scattered around the house

Ha, the conbee is sitting on my desk. I’m on install #3 for HA. Before I use the conbee it looks like my xbee3 has a much more powerful signal and I’m trying to integrate that first. I THINK i need to load some zigpy first to support the xbee, but all these new terms, I feel like I’m learning japanese. Coming from Iris/ST/HE I wasn’t in so deep. But with all the f*** time I wasted on the HE POS I could have been an expert on HA. Oh well I’m here now. My HE is hobbling along, with it’s regular automation failures, dropping devices, changing PAN ID, Bobby couldn’t figure it out and told me my hub was going bad, and refused to replace it. Other than blame the user they can’t do much.

True - xbee 3 is much more powerful. Do you have many zigbee devices? Im up to just shy of 100 now. I had 2 x xbee 3’s on HE to balance the load instead of all hammering the 1 xbee. Non xbee repeaters do seem to be working well.
I would have preferred to stay with xbee and ZHA but I just couldn’t get on with it. I really missed the mapping feature using xbee plugged into a PC when on HE. I know there are replacements for HA to do all the graphical mapping and signal strength but I found it hadn’t been updated in a while and ended up taking out the RPI when trying to use Lovelace card and Lovelace table of devices. By using the Conbee and Deconz you have that functionality again and can easily see what devices are connected to each other/repeaters etc

I have like 75 zigbee devices. I really want to use the Xbee, as I have 5 and could build an incredible mesh. I know I could still add them to deconz as routers, if I go Conbee. I set the xbee as coordinator in XCTU first, then connected to HA but only shows as router, not coordinator.
The mapping feature of deconz is pretty cool. Are you using the xbee as a router with Deconz?