Xbox integration Xbox Game media showing old console

Hi all,

I have two Xbox’s and have previously setup the HA integration on the old Xbox I have moved since to the new Xbox One Series X and set it as the Home Console. I’ve noticed though that the Xbox Game Media is showing the games on the old Xbox that I’m no longer signed into (but still have profile on). Everything else seems to work. Is it safe to remove and re-add the integration? I just don’t want to loose the other parts of the integration that are currently working :slight_smile:

I’ve been experiencing the same issue with the Xbox Game Media showing my old console instead of the current one. It’s been quite frustrating because I like to keep my game media updated and accurate.

After some digging around, I found that others have faced similar issues, and it seems to be a bug on Xbox’s end. I’ve tried a few troubleshooting steps like resetting my console and clearing the cache, but nothing seems to work permanently.

For now, I’ve reported the issue through the Xbox Support site and I’m hoping they’ll roll out a fix soon. If anyone else has found a workaround that works, please share!

Also, if you’re looking for something fun in the meantime, I recently came across this cool site for Poki games. They have a bunch of casual games that can be a good distraction while we wait for Xbox to sort this out.

I was thinking it was just me! :slight_smile:

Let’s hope Xbox support are able to help. If it is a bug xbox end then I’m guessing that they’re using a different way of accessing it in the xbox apps on mobiles?