Xbox One Integration

Hi everyone!

For what was easy the first time I feel like after a clean start I’ve somehow totally messed up. When I first set up HA last week I managed to get the xbox integration working and I could see my xbox and the various sources via a media card in Home Assistant, all seemed to work well other than powering off the Xbox.

Now that I have gone through a clean install of Home Assistant in my VM I have set up HACS and can’t get the device or auth links to work - and I’m sure I previously successfully did it in my prior install.

When starting from scratch how do I troubleshoot the auth and device links not working? I have tried substituting the hassio.local URL for my static IP of my HA install but all I get is “connection refused”.

Any help that someone could provide would be great as at the moment I have the media card appearing but it doesn’t appear to be pulling any data for how long the xbox is on or provide the ability to turn on/off the xbox.

I’m running HA .110.5.

It helps if I install the add-on through both HACS and then in Home Assistant. In the HA store I also had to then pop in the login details, reboot and then it’s all back to where I last was.

Anyone with issues not getting to the 5557 port check that you have installed in both locations.

Now to work out why the power on button doesn’t work even though instant on is enabled on the console.