Xcomfort integration

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Anyone have an sucsess of integrate xcomfort?
If so how did you do it?

Yes, via Eaton Smart Home Controller. I have written HA custom component to communicate with SHC. Works very well in quite complex xcomfort setup - lights, shutters, heating, radiators.

You have :+1:
Nice! Can you share?
In my system, I have several components.
Light and heat. So if you share, I’ll finally can use hassio complete!

I wrote it for myself and am not a pro coder, so don’t expect high quality. In case there is need for this integration I can continue working on it. Let me know if you managed to connect your HA with SHC.

Hi all,

I recently bought Eaton xComfort CKOZ-00/14 Communication stick and added the addon - xComfort v 0.6 - https://github.com/karloygard/xcomfortd-go
While starting the Add-on getting following error:

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*2020/10/17 20:05:02 Connecting to MQTT broker 'tcp://core-mosquitto:1883' with id 'xcomfort'*
*2020/10/17 20:05:04 Connected to broker*
*2020/10/17 20:05:04 Opened USB device*
*2020/10/17 20:05:04 CONFIG: [04b21b10]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 handle_events: error: libusb: interrupted [code -10]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 STATUS: [c31b1000820000]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CI HW/RF/FW revision: 0, 13.0, 0*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CONFIG: [04b21b00]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 STATUS: [c31b00020b0205]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CI RF/Firmware release: 2.11, 2.05*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CONFIG: [04b20e00]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 STATUS: [c30e000074f918]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CI serial number: 7665944*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 Reading datapoints list from eprom*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 EPROM: [d1210000018008000000000000000000]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 EPROM: [d111080001800a0000000000000000000000]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 Unsupported DPL format, broken file or you didn't upload the DPL to the stick?*
*[cmd] /run.sh exited 1*
*[cont-finish.d] executing container finish scripts...*
*[cont-finish.d] done.*
*[s6-finish] waiting for services.*
*[s6-finish] sending all processes the TERM signal.*

where can i get DPL files and how to configure this add-on for the Path of those files…