Xcomfort support in HA

Xcomfort is a smart home solution by Eaton, they have light and heating control http://xcomfort.com . It would be great to have this in HA

I would also like this very much, ther is kind of a way to do it using mqtt ->

But an HA implementation would have been much more sleak.

Hi, any progress on this topic? I’m considering to buy a house where there is xcomfort already for heating and lights, so it would be great to have it implemented to HA…


Anyone what to try this? https://github.com/olekenneth/pyxcomfort

I’m working on an integration using XComfort Bridge.

Hi Jan,

thanks for sharing this with the community! I have XComfort lights (dimmers) in my house, and I am looking for a simple way to control these with Home Assistant. From what I gather, there are three main approaches:

  1. Set up HA with the xComfort RS-323 (ala what olekenneth posted)
  2. Set up HA with xComfort USB config and USB comm sticks and MQTT (https://github.com/karloygard/xcomfortd, as posted by heinemil above)
  3. Your method of using the xComfort bridge.

Which would you recommend? I’m leaning towards your approach (3).


My thinking was that it would be easier to make a feature-rich interaction with the high-level api in the bridge. The bridge is also often bundled in the starter package, so some people will already have it. That said, there is something clean with the USB approach.

I will keep working on the Bridge solution going forward and try to make it as good as possible, so I’m happy if people are trying it out.

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Hi all,

I recently bought Eaton xComfort CKOZ-00/14 Communication stick and added the addon - xComfort v 0.6 - https://github.com/karloygard/xcomfortd-go
While starting the Add-on getting following error:

*2020/10/17 20:05:02 Connecting to MQTT broker 'tcp://core-mosquitto:1883' with id 'xcomfort'*
*2020/10/17 20:05:04 Connected to broker*
*2020/10/17 20:05:04 Opened USB device*
*2020/10/17 20:05:04 CONFIG: [04b21b10]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 handle_events: error: libusb: interrupted [code -10]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 STATUS: [c31b1000820000]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CI HW/RF/FW revision: 0, 13.0, 0*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CONFIG: [04b21b00]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 STATUS: [c31b00020b0205]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CI RF/Firmware release: 2.11, 2.05*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CONFIG: [04b20e00]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 STATUS: [c30e000074f918]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 CI serial number: 7665944*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 Reading datapoints list from eprom*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 EPROM: [d1210000018008000000000000000000]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 EPROM: [d111080001800a0000000000000000000000]*
*2020/10/17 20:05:05 Unsupported DPL format, broken file or you didn't upload the DPL to the stick?*
*[cmd] /run.sh exited 1*
*[cont-finish.d] executing container finish scripts...*
*[cont-finish.d] done.*
*[s6-finish] waiting for services.*
*[s6-finish] sending all processes the TERM signal.*

where can i get DPL files and how to configure this add-on for the Path of those files…