Xfinity/Comcast Internet Usage Addon

I created an HA Addon to gather Xfinity Internet Usage and push that data into a sensor. Please try it out and report any issues.

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What timing! Was just looking for exactly this. Just installed it and it’s working great, thanks!

Thank you for this. I was previously using a different addon based on zachowj’s original repo, it was extremely unreliable, sometimes going weeks without updating the sensor value.

That said, this is not currently working for me. I think the issue is on Xfinity’s side, since I am having issues manually logging in there too, and historically their site has been hot garbage (at best). I did notice that your addon doesn’t seem to handle this situation well. I opened an issue with more details

Hopefully comcast gets their shit together soon so I can play this is more, as it looks super promising. Thanks!

I’ve been using zachowj/xfinity-data-usage docker container for a couple of years with fairly reasonable reliability, but whatever comcast has done to their site past few months have pretty much broken it and I maybe get a successful scrape once a month.

As I’m looking for other options to get my Xfinity usage, I came across this and would like to try it out. Any chance we could get MQTT for this Addon? I run Home Assistant via a docker container and even though I could install this add on as a container on its own, I’m not sure how I would interface the container to get the sensor data other than through MQTT.

This addon is working great for me but it appears the repo has been removed from GitHub and now my HA is complaining about the repo being missing. Did this repo get moved?

The link is dead. I’d love to use this integration, since others did not work for me. Thanks!