Xfinity XHK1-UE Keypad in Deconz

I just configured the Xfinity XHK1-UE Keypad in Deconz (URC4450BC0-X-R).


This post is just to let others know how to get started as this is still a WIP without Phoscom support (in Jan 2022):

  1. Add Keypad to Deconz - This will appear as a Temperature sensor, its ok, continue to the next step,
  2. Use the API to create an alarm system: I used Postman to configure it.
    Use the API to Create an Alarm System, Set the Code, Add sensors…
  3. Now the alarm control panel should be available in your device in HA,
  4. Create Automations in HA to alert you or fire nukes on the burglars.

Hope this helps others go faster


Pairing Xfinity XHK1

  1. Insert the 4 batteries (use AA Lithium 1.5v batteries for best performance, AA Alkaline batteries or AA Rechargeable NiMH/NiCd batteries).
  2. The Pairing LED light should start flashing (indicating it’s in pairing mode). If the light is not flashing, follow the Exclusion Instruction below to get it back into pairing mode
  3. On successful pairing the pairing LED should stop flashing and the the wireless/signal LED should be lit



  • If the pairing led is not blinking, remove the cover and the batteries, keep the tamper/pairing button pressed while inserting the batteries and then release the tamper/pairing button. For the XHK1 models it should make the pairing LED start flashing
  • Press the tamper switch 5 times to reset the keypad
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Would love some additional info on precisely how you configured codes and integrated into HA. I have successfully paired it and it shows up as a HA device.

I just got 2 of these. One went into pairing mode quite easily and I could add it. The other only seems to give me a longer green light after putting in the batteries. I tried the exclusion/reset steps but it never seems to go into pairing mode. The lights on the keypad work fine, I just can’t get the second one into pairing mode. Anyone have and advice?

I finally got this working (of course right after I posted about it). I had to open it up and connect the batteries manually. Then it finally went into pairing mode. I don’t know what the issue was but I’m glad in now connects. Opening it scuffed it a bit

Hello guys…

Im not so sure on this… Can somebody explain to me more exactly how i get this to work?
I have two of this keypads and i use HA with Deconz.


Hey :slightly_smiling_face:

Where did you manage to purchase your keypads? I cannot find much online and the odd one or 2 on eBay will cost me ~€100 each to ship to NL.

hi your tutorial helped me get it to pair. I however am using zigbee@MQTT. I purchased a sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Plus and made my automatons through node-red.

so far on the key pad if i press 6969 all the lights in the house turn off except for the led strips, those turn red, then a sexy RnB station plays on my media players.

I can also arm all my alarm (3) systems.
and control lights.

@eitel13 I got mine from eBay. I am in NA so it might have been more affordable.

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