Xfinity XHK1-UE Keypad

So I picked up some of these Xfinity XHK1-UE Keypads off of ebay after hearing about ZHA supporting them now. I’m starting with messing around with just 1 of them as I figure out all of the ins and outs of this thing. But I have some questions:

  1. Does anyone know how to change the default master pin on this?
    This is all that shows up for it and plugging in a number into the code spot is just used for disarming it which is fine and I intend to use this with my existing DSC alarm panel to have other keypads in the house besides my main one.
  2. Anyone on the ZHA side know if there is a plan in the works to incorporate the rest of the sensors that as I understand these things have built in?

My last question is more general here. Does anyone know of a way with HA to store pins inside of HA that I can use as a bank to check if user A enters said pin on this device then I can have my automations go and disarm the house.

Thank you all for your help in advance.

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So while I haven’t found a way to change the default master code instead I coded around it.

I use appdaemon for a lot of my complex automations because I find it easier for things like this. So what I did is I subscribed to the events of the keypads and I monitor the pins that are being passed into HA and the state that the alarm is in. If the alarm is disarmed I really don’t care what pin the user punches in (which therfore allows me to do other fun things with automations) But if the house is armed then I start to care what pins are punched into the keypad. If a user does punch in 1234 and the system is armed I don’t disarm it right away instead I wait 10 seconds and then do a check to see if the house is disarmed. Why do I do this? Because it takes the DSC a few sec to check into HA sometimes that the house was disarmed. If I find that the house is not disarmed I rearm the keypad and then what my next item I’m going to do is add some alerts and ultimately the siren to the automations so that if the house is not disarmed in say 20 seconds after punching in the 1234 then it will alert.
The next thing I did with this was figured out a way to have 1 place for codes for users. I have a Yale lock and I use the KeyMaster integration from HACS to manage my lock. Well my lock holds pin codes so I can just query whatever pincode is punched into the keyapd against the pincodes that are stored in the lock and if I find a match then I allow it to disarm.
I probably should do a count method where if a person enters the wrong pin code X number of times then it alarms. All things to do in my next renditions to my alarm system. I’m just happy that so far I’ve managed to get these keypads to work so well with my setup. I’m hoping that more things are in the works to bring more of the sensors that these keypads contain online.

Hey I found out how to . Go to the device option called View in Visualization, the you get 3 buttons at the bottom, press the one at the left called Network. You should see the option for changing the code . Really odd place for it . Hope it helps.

Where do you get to visualization at?

EDIT: Found it
Go to ZHA integration
Click Configure
Add your code here
Click Update Configuration
All done

Were you actually able to get the state of the keypad in HA to change (to armed or disarmed) by pressing the buttons on the keypad? My keypad only seems to function one way (from HA to the keypad, and not from the keypad to HA).

Yes so in order to arm the keypad I push which button I want on the top for the method of the arm that I want then I press 1111 in there and then it changes its mode.
For disarming I took this to a whole new level :smiley: With appdaemon I have it cycle through my front door lock pin codes and if the pin code that was entered into the device matches the lock then it will disarm it as well as my main alarm panel. I basically bought these to have more keypads for my main alarm panel. Now if only the DSC keypad would transmit the pin code that was entered into it into HA I wouldn’t have to manage multiple locations for pins.

So, I don’t know where the “1111” code is coming from (that code doesn’t seem to do anything on my keypad), but I’m going to guess from your response that you aren’t really using ZHA’s built-in keypad support and you have done something custom with AppDaemon.

I’m just trying to get the keypad to arm and disarm with ZHA.

Yeah so if I push one of the arm buttons on the top and then follow that up with any random 4 digit pin it arms the keypad. I couldn’t get it to work with a keypad within HA but thats ok for my use. But yeah no matter what 4 digits I punch in after pressing one of the arm buttons it does arm they keypad. What happens after that with my automations is not part of this though.

For some reason my keypad is now functioning correctly after doing an upgrade and removing it and re-pairing it with Home Assistant. The battery level still reports “unknown”, but everything else works. It must have been a glitch in the Matrix.

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@mrmichaelrb can you elaborate on “now functioning correctly after doing an upgrade”

I’m not sure that I can add much… I upgraded HA and then suddenly discovered that the keypad was working. Maybe it was the upgrade, maybe it was just due to a restart of HA, or maybe the keypad just needed some time to properly synch with HA… I don’t really know.

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